For some reason, this image always has reminded me of that poem by Poe (The Conqueror Worm). It also reminds me of Conan, sitting atop his throne in ancient Aquilonia. Truth be told, i am pretty sure this image is inspired by that, indeed.

This was the last image i published here, not as a strip… but as a flyer for an event: The Last Butterfest held to the date.

Since then, my path has been chronicled elsewhere. Here and there, and it is not until now that i retake these digital halls, and populate this -or perhaps another- world for you to visit at your leisure.

Thanks for reading, i hope you have enjoyed reading all of it, as i enjoyed creating all this strips and all these comments for each and one of them, resubmitted here… for you.

Thank you!

June 14th, 2018

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