Eric “Butter” Levy wanted to be an Astronaut.

At age 12 he decided to be a Comic Book Artist after playing The Captain America & The Avengers Arcade Game and watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the Southern Command Network TV Station.

Even at that early age, this self-taught artist followed one the most important rules of the game: Draw Every Day.

Consistently through his teenage years he would work away, learning from the great comic book pencilers of the 90’s.

Mark Bagley, Todd McFarlane, Joe Madureira, Humberto Ramos, Ed McGuinness; they are all great influences in his work.

Right after high school he enrolled at Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua, taking Computer Engineering as a career because “it was the closest thing to 3D Animation available in this Banana Republic”. There he met his first animation mentor, Pedro Caicedo, who at the time was on the path to become a lawyer.

Both decided to eschew their current paths and seek Animation as a career elsewhere. This led them to find VanArts, the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts in Vancouver, Canada. While Pedro was able to go right away, Butter had to stay behind and forge a path in the Corporate World to make ends meet.

Upon his return Pedro opened the Instituto Superior de Animacion y DiseƱo -or I.S.A.D.- where Butter would learn and hone his craft as a Classical 2D Animator.

This led to a stint as Senior Animator on Los Colorados, Panama’s sophomore Cartoon Series.

Other than a few freelance gigs here and there… there was not much Animation work to be had, so Butter kept escalating the Corporate Ladder, eventually becoming a Training Supervisor.

After much work and toil he was handed a Golden Ticket and was able to make it to VanArts on his own, to learn 3D Character Animation.

Upon his return he was able to score gigs on a couple of movies: KIMURA as a prop designer and Hands Of Stone as a graphic designer for the Set Dressing and Props Dept.

He tried to make a living as a Freelance Artist and Video Editor, after a stint as a Technical Training Analyst, Craft Beer distributor and Urban-Art Gallery Shop Manager.

He still makes a living as a Corporate Monkey though.

In 2022 he suffered a Stroke. He is on the mend & when finance and circumstance allow it, he collects action figures and toys.

Some of his freelancing clients include Capt. Quayle Brewery, Vivero Planta Feliz and The United Nations On Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

He was open to commissions and projects, but is not after the Stroke.