This whole idea, as a whole, makes little to no sense.

Why would a blue jeans wearing EMO kid have an ankh to begin with? I think ankhs are more related to Goth kids, on account of Neil Gaiman’s Death wearing one.

And why would Jared Leto be the top EMO idol?

The idea behind this was that after the events you are about to witness, Butter would suffer a bite. One of the EMO kids ends up biting him while in the Boss fight of this story arch. In such arch, in the middle of the most gruesome battle you could imagine, our heroes would be in the verge of loosing the battle when four armor clad samurais would appear outta nowhere and help our heroes to win.

Once the foes were defeated, the samurai would remove their helmets… and we would learn that it was 30 Seconds to Mars themselves who came to help us… kinda like at the end of that video of theirs.

Jared Leto then would retrieve the Ankh and rebuke the emo kid for miss-using its powers.

Now, the bite? Yeah… that would’ve open a whole other can or worms.

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