Back in 2009, we had a N1H1 pandemic here in Panama.

People was really afraid of being infected and the whole country stood in thrall of this disease. It was like a Zombie break out… only more… uh… REAL.

Watching the news, it really felt like what you see in Romero’s movies… and that was what i wanted to capture here, albeit with a bit more of my dark sense of humor.

Eventually i decided not to publish this -at the time- because it was not part of any ongoing story… and because i had not really published anything good yet; i was still teaching myself how to do this.

As you can see… i am still toying with the idea for the VERTICAL strip, rather than the horizontal. I was trying to be more comic book than Webcomic, i think.

One thing is for sure, i had not read “The Book” yet… so yeah, that’s that.

I am particularly fond of this one: i think its funny as hell.


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