Welcome to Ichtelion, indeed!

I have been working on this story for over 10 years. Last year i self-published issue number 0, a special edition for last year’s Panama Comic Con (#CCPAN2018). I printed about 35 copies, and they sold out.

Later on i published a few more, and continue to sell a few issues here and there.

This year, i published issue 1, for this year’s con (#CCPAN2019) as well! I published about 50 issues. These last weekend i sold about 35 of them… and the ones that are left i will be selling at the Penonome Comics Fest this weekend. If you are in the area, feel free to drop by and join us.

I will be publishing both issues here on the page, at a rate of about one page per week… as long as my regular work schedule would allow it. Also it will be in english, as opposed to the printed version that came out in spanish.

Stay ‘tooned, my friends! I will be publishing info on when this will start!

Rawk On!