Ah, this was supposed to be our first cross over.

But what are we crossing over?

Well, while i lived in Vancouver, my roomie and I came up with GODOJOBO. It was supposed to be a content creation thing, where we would just make our own cartoons featuring two little low level demons know as Godo and Jobo.

GODOJOBO is/was a portmanteau of GOOD JOB, said with a very thick Japanese accent.

GODOJOBO didn’t really took off… and part of that was me: i got really depressed during my last days up there in Van. I was super lonely and sad. I was crippled by this and i was not good for anything other that ordering pizzas online, getting fatER and not doing shit with/for my life.

I eventually managed to get outta that hole enough to work on some comics and vlogs about making comics…

I should post those as well.

GODOJOBO is no longer online.

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