If you have been paying attention to the dates these strips were published, you would notice this one comes almost 2 full years after the last one -not counting the sneak peaks presented before!

I left Panama. I kinda hoped i would be able to make a living outta shit like this in Vancouver. I was finally able to make it to school… and i busted my ass up there. I worked very hard… only to be sent back after 18 months.

Canadians don’t really like Panamanians thanks to the hordes of us who emigrated back in the 80s due to the whole Noriega thing.

I was not able to stay in the north. Unable to get a job -ANY job!- and pay rent, i had to accept the fact that my time in the north had ran it’s course and i had to go.

So i ended up back here… shackled once again to a headset in order to meet ends meet. The only good thing was that i found myself with tons of down time, so i ended up retaking my comics and this is the starting point of that, once again.

The whole intergalactic thingĀ  is a metaphor for the time i spent in the great white north… learning and polishing my craft.

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