This is another unpublished strip. It was done way later than the date it has been published here… it was done in hindsight.

This was supposed to be the crazy story of my life in Vancouver.

This idea morphed over time and it is now part of ANOTHER story i am working on, as you read this (in 20018).

Since there are no word balloons, colors and the art is just a sketch, i’ll tell you a bit of what is happening here:

Frame 1: Butter toils away in a cavern. In the middle of the cavern there is a mill -like the one they chained CONAN to in the first movie! He wears a Corporate Monkey Suit: inspired by the Flying Monkeys in Wizard of Oz; he is also shackled by a headset. You can see telephone wires on the foreground. This, my friends is a Call Center.

Frame 2: Close up of Butter. “Thank you, come again” or something like that. He is sad. Worn by this life. He keeps pushing the mill.

Frame 3: A golden ticket -like Willy Wonka’s- is handed to Butter.

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