This is an honest representation of a thought that tends to pop in my head quite often.

I have always wanted to rock the long hair. As a youngling that was not possible due to school and what not. I have had my share of shaved head phases… and even though everybody seems to agree that the look suits me, i can’t quite seem to stay that way.

I don’t like the way i look with short hair; it is simply not me.

But i am a hairy, fat man living in a tropical country… and hair tends to make one warmer, you know? Its fur! Fur keeps animals alive in the cold.

Also, there is a retrograde mentality here regarding your appearance and work. Certain places I’ve worked at REQUIRE that you dress business casual, even when you are on a phone, not meeting customers face to face.

Fuck it. I’m gonna go for the Wizard look: long hair and bald at the same time, with long beard.

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