Around this time, i was dating a girl.

One day she sent me a video by Tessa Violet, then known as Meeka Kitty. I think she did so to make me feel bad because Tessa was (kinda is, still) the living embodiment of the laundry list of what i like in women, and she -who i remind you, was dating at the time- is not.

Girls are cray-cray like that sometimes.

Anyhow, i instantly became a fan of Tessa. I followed her on Twitter and ended up tweeting her something. And then she answered… and as the huge TWITTARD i am, that made my day.

This was back in 2010. It is now 2018 and it still makes my day when people i admire tweet me back or like my tweets.

And i am no longer dating that girl.

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