This story arch is actually based on TRUE events.

I was working at a Software company. I was in charge of training new employees and our customers on how to use this Quotation Sofware we used to sell.

One day i DID have a stale Potato Salad… and i had to pay the price.

The building we were at was not complete at the time, and there was only ONE functioning toilet in the WHOLE facility.

In fact, the “contractors” brought in to finish the place were not allowed to use that one restroom. It is known that Panamanian builders are fucking filthy and don’t care about the place they are working on. The owners of the place had them use another restroom elsewhere, but these two guys took matters into their own hands: they built their own latrine with a supermarket bag and a bucket.

There was a comic i did about it… but i never got to digitize it, so it may be lost forever now.

It was never posted cause it had NOTHING to do with this story arch… just like the latter part of this commentary.

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