This is a compilation of PLAYLISTS of some of my work. Feel free to browse at your leisure and if you would like to see more, make sure to make your way to my YouTube Channel. 

The following PLAYLISTS are have been curated for your viewing pleasure.



It took me over 10 years to be able to become a Character Animator. 

Presented in a chronological order, this playlist has all my work found online… from my first animation job back in the early 2000’s to my most recent one.


#JUGUETEANDO! -The Toy Reviews!

I like toys. I collect toys. And sometimes, I dabble in Action Figure Customization and Bootlegging.

That is why, oftentimes, I review those pieces i find interesting.

This glorified “show n tell” is in Spanish for “Season 1“; “Season 2” -posted above- has Youtube subtitles.

Season 3 has been stuck in developmental hell since 2017. Check back often to get any news, once this project moves forward.