Back in the day (mid to late 2000’s), other than Leo and me, no one was making comics (web or print) here in Panama. It is now 2018 and all these guys and galls are working on their own little creator owned projects. I am happy to share them with y’all!


Ni Sol Ni Sal is Leo Lammie‘s Seminal Webcomic. It chronicles the adventures of “Apache el Mapache” and Teofilo, a little dog.
Quite lighthearted and high spirited, this was the only other Webcomic Panama was producing other than mine. It had an impeccable posting schedule.


Indiellusions are the current torch bearers of Panamanian Webcomics. They are a group of friends who decided to band together and keep the Webcomics community going while us “ANCIENT ONES” were caught in the Odinsleep. They produce and host really cool comics like “EL DUENDE JIMMY“, “BluePrint Manga” and “PIXEL WORLD“.


I first met Santiago -the artist on Alien Defender Maky- at The N-Day. He was in a band called Animedley, and he was the guy who played the OCARINA. He partnered up with Julio and now they have one of the few published (PRINT!) comics here in Panama. 


Alvaro pulls double duties on this LINKS page. He is the creator of “El duende Jimmy” -published by Indiellusions- and Mercenary Bloodline, the first actual comic to be published (in print!) here in Panama.


If you want SUPERHERO comics, El-Quasar is your way to go. Julian created this character about 25 years ago, a little after Just Cause, the U.S. Invasion of Panama back ’89. Sadly he was unable to publish back then… but now you are able to read this comic in print. Never give up on your dreams, man! Work and Publish your things!


Josie Moonson brings us an interesting tale with Mooners. There’s Gray Aliens in there. I’m terrified of those -even as much i am terrified of clowns… so i really didn’t quite read past that one page with the Grays whipping humans into submission in Alpha Centauri. Scary shit -to me at least. Go give it a read, and then tell me what it was about! D:


Midnight Nekoi Murderer is a webcomic by Tsubaki Natsuno. It’s a Crime Story with a dash of Detective Story and a hefty helping of Cat-Man shenanigans for all to enjoy. I have it on good authority that Tsubaki Natsuno plays the piano, so… whenever you read this, imagine there is a nice piano background soundtrack going on.