We will be right back.

God… how I hated seeing those words show up on the screen while i was watching TV as a kid. It meant that commercials were incoming. I hated most commercials. It meant less time watching my heroes do their thing, and more time peeking into a bunch of things grownups did, and i didn’t care for.

Unless, it was toy and action figures commercials. Then i would welcome the interruption.

Today i hang the color bars up there, once again, because i need a break. I need to sit down and reorganize stuff. There has been a lot of changes in my life, and while it has impacted me in a positive manner, it has left me with less time to do stuff…

That’s why there’s not been a VLOG in a few weeks. That’s why i haven’t posted any new work here.

I  need to organize things, so i can produce things again.

I’m sorry. 

Adulting is hard… and for the most part, it sucks. But it needs to be done… and as limited as my free time is, well, i either take care of the things that need to be taken care of, or i procrastinate and do what i wanna do while the things that need to be done pile up and cascade and create havoc and pandemonium left and right.

I should be back soon, though. In the meantime… feel free to peruse this place at your leisure. There’s a TON of content here to keep you occupied while i come back.

Rawk on, mofos. Rawk on.