Kids nowadays have it easy on their phones and portable devices.

When i was growing up, we would have to come up with ingenious ways to get our hands on some smut.

I remember bribing a gardener to go get me some mags at the flea market. I also remember we used to gang up and go to my friend Rafa’s house. We had a routine. Since Rafa’s parents were (are?) avid smut collectors… one of us would entertain Rafa in his room. Another one would be a hallway lookout and another of us would sneak into his parent’s room and just grab some mags from under the bed and any VHS tape we could find.

After a while we would all go -except Rafa- to any of our houses and all watch the tape. We would memorize what we saw and then head home and replay stuff in our heads.

Now all you have to do is type “Albino Asian Midget Twins” in google and you can find your smut with ease.

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