This is another unpublished strip. It was done way later than the date it has been published here… it was done in hindsight.

This was supposed to be the crazy story of my life in Vancouver.

This idea morphed over time and it is now part of ANOTHER story i am working on, as you read this (in 20018).

Since there are no word balloons, colors and the art is just a sketch, i’ll tell you a bit of what is happening here:

Frame 1: Butter is perplexed! He has been handled a Golden Ticket. He can not believe it. He has been working SO LONG to be able to achieve this on his own, yet success has eluded him… until now.

Frame 2: Butter discards his Corporate Monkey Suit for good (or so he thought!), vowing to never take it up again.

Frame 3: Butter is ready to take on this new adventure… this is what his quest has been about. The last 10 years have been toiled away to be able to achieve THIS! The Road stands before him, all possibilities are there for the taking. This, is the start of the REAL journey!

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