What is BUTTERFEST.net?

This site is repository, or hub (a net, if you will!) for all the things Eric “Butter” Levy does.

The site, in it’s first iteration, began as a place where i could publish my Webcomic. It lasted from about 2009 to mid 2013. Although the publication was not overly constant, there was a lot of material posted.

After a while, and due to the hardships of life, i had to let the site -and domain- die.

It was snatched by an Asian Gay Porn site for a while, but i think they realized that i was not gonna ask for the domain back, so they let go of it. Sufficient time had gone by, and i was able to snatch it back, and secure it… and now it is here for your delight.

Here on BUTTERFEST.net i can consolidate all my creative endeavors under one roof, instead of having you go to all the different social media spots one may use nowadays… you know, Youtube, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram and so on.

Now instead of trying to find stuff labeled BUTTERFEST on social media, you can find it all in one place: right HERE!